Enjoy your music even more, for free! with iTunification

Important Note: iTunes 11.1 automatically sends notifications to OS X's notification center. On Mac OS X Mavericks, you will also get cover artworks in the notification center. Therefore, there is no point in using iTunification anymore. I will keep this page going for my own records. Thanks.
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Version: 1.6 | Released: 11/1/12


You don't have to switch to iTunes again. You can see your music right where you are.

When you play songs in iTunes or Spotify, iTunification gets the track's details and shows them in Mountain Lion's new Notification Center or Growl. Your choice!

GrowlTunes is a similar application with fewer features available on Mac Appstore for $1.99. iTunification is simply GrowlTunes + support for Spotify + some small enhancements.

Another similar application is called Now Playing. That application is basically a loop that checks the currently playing song every 1-2 seconds. iTunification in contrast, observes the OS X's native NSDistributedNotificationCenter. It has less overhead and much less resources are used in it.

iTunification only supports Mac OS X 10.8 and above since previous versions of OS X do not have a Notification Center.

Key Features

  • Show notifications when a music track starts playing in iTunes and Spotify.
  • Show the current track's details and artwork in status bar.
  • Users choose Growl or Notification Center to show their notifications.
  • Cover art is available and notifications are customizable when Growl is in use.
  • Silent mode to prevent the application from bothering the user with notifications.
  • An option to keep a history of songs played in Notification Center.
  • An option not to show notifications when the music player is the active window.
  • An option to make iTunification start when the system starts.

Issues & Comments

Visit iTunification's source code and report bugs in it's Github directory. You are also welcome to email me your comments via a.rabbani@me.com.

Release Notes

Version 1.6:
  • Added Feature: Song details are shown in status bar.
  • Added Feature: Added option to keep a history of notifications in Notification Center.
  • Added Feature: Added option not to show notifications when music player is active.
  • Bug Fixed: A bug is fixed where cover arts did not load for some songs.
  • Bug Fixed: Memory leakage with Growl notifications is solved.
  • Bug Fixed: A bug is fixed where selecting notifications opened iTunes instead of Spotify.
Version 1.5:
  • Added Feature: Growl support.
  • Added Feature: Cover art for Growl.
  • Added Feature: Customizable notifications for Growl.
  • Added Feature: Support for radio streams.
Version 1.4:
  • Added Feature: Automatic updates.
  • Added Feature: Open iTunes or Spotify with a single click on notifications.
  • Added Feature: Add to Login Items.
  • Fixed Bug: Clear remaining notifications after application termination.
Version 1.3:
  • Added Feature: support for Spotify.
  • Added Feature: a status bar to quit the program and toggle it to silent mode.
  • Fixed Bug: notifications after pause, stop, quit.
Version 1.2:
  • Initial Public Release.


1. I chose to hide status bar icon forever and I want it back. What can I do?
Open Finder. Press Cmd+Shift+G. Enter ~/Library/Preferences. Find com.onible.iTunification.plist and delete it. Use "Activity Monitor" to kill iTunification or restart your computer if you are not sure how to proceed with "Activity Monitor". Status bar icon will be back if you open iTunification again.

2. I have removed iTunification from my computer and I don't want it anymore. How can I remove it from "Notification Center" in "System Preferences"?
Open "Terminal". Enter the following command and press enter(return key).
rm -rf ~/Library/Application\ Support/NotificationCenter; killall usernoted;